The Fastest Path to Immersive Audio

Create stunning immersive audio mixes, from anywhere, using the power of cloud processing.

Redefine What's Possible

“Immersion Network’s platform is the greatest development in audio since the dawn of stereo”
— Sebastian Krys, 18-time Grammy winning producer
mix³ (pronounced “mixcubed”) is the first 3D audio mixing platform available to everyone — podcasters, content creators, producers, artists, and engineers — that lets them transform sound files into lush, intimate, mixes for headphones, AirPods Pro head-tracking headphones, and 5- and 7-channel speaker systems. These mixes can be appreciated without special hardware and distributed through streaming services or shared as a regular audio file.

The Fastest Path to Immersive Audio

Position Tracks With Ease

Quickly place sounds around the listener using our intuitive stage view.

Get the Right Balance

Ensure that all of your tracks blend just right.

Make Every Track Move

Intuitive automation controls makes adding motion to your tracks a delight.